About me


I am a food admirer, in every possible way. Food brings satisfaction in many different forms. Filling a table with goodies devoured by much loved family and friends, creating dishes reminiscent of travels of long ago, recreating childhood security by stirring up spicy delicacies or exploring local and international trends sitting at the tables of the worlds most amazing and creative chefs.

The range of emotion that food can bring is unique to its simultaneous simplicity and complexity. For me, tending to a small plot of herbs gives a sense of satisfaction that is different to, but no less, than the luxury of a seemingly effortless theatre of dining at the realm of a talented cook.

My kitchen, in my one bedroom apartment, which I share with my husband, is my ally. Here, I can be comforted by a soothing chicken soup. I can be tested, with the most difficult of desserts. But most importantly I can transport myself anywhere in the world, with the use of spice. Where do you want to go?


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