Thyme saving chicken

Thyme, such a time saving herb…

Pardon the pun, Thyme is versatile herb which I’ve managed to incorporate into a time saving winner of a weeknight meal. All you need is a slow cooker. Now, if you are like me and a little stretched for cupboard space, believe me a slow cooker is a worthwhile investment. I embarked fairly recently on slow cooker adventures, after the prompting of friends, and I have to say, it’s been a welcome addition to my petite kitchen.

Recipe: Thyme saving chicken

If you are wondering how the involvement of Thyme results in a time saving meal, then read on. The convenience of this dish is that the slow cooker does all the work for you and because Thyme is such a hearty herb it really begins to sing in this dish. Fresh or dried Thyme can be used, making this dish even more handy!


1.6kg whole chicken (free range is best)

1tbs dried thyme or 5 springs fresh thyme

3 cloves garlic (peeled)


Slow cooker.


Turn your slow cooker on. If you have a sear function, use that. Place the garlic into the chicken cavity with the Thyme. Brown the skin of the chicken in the slow cooker, turning every minute or so. Once the skin is browned to your liking switch the slow cooker to its low heat setting. Slow cook for 6.5 hours. No oil, no water, no stock is necessary.

After 6.5 hours your chicken should be cooked, succulent, soft and tender. There should be plenty of juices to make a gravy, if you wish, but I often serve this with a side salad or with buttered carrots.

Now given that you’ve not needed to do much to produce this wonderful chicken dish I hope you’ll agree that Thyme really is a time saving herb.